Rental Services

We have many different watercraft available for your boating pleasure. Rent one of the crafts below and have a wonderful time on the water! (Prices subject to change.) Please note that proof of the Ontario boater's safety course completion is necessary to rent any motorized boats from us.  Also, a rental day is one calendar day, not a 24 hour span.  Watercraft must be returned by 8 p.m. on the last day of the rental agreement.

As of May 1, 2021

Kevlar Canoes 
Packing too heavy? Maybe you need one of our lightweight Kevlar canoes. Rent the lightest technology has to offer and lighten up!
Prices: $45 /day

Fibreglass Canoes
Just a bit heavier than Kevlar, but still a great choice for your trek into the foliage!
Rent one today!
Prices: $40/day

Polyethylene Canoes
Need a hardened canoe to navigate rough waters and rocky shores? Then polyethalene is your solution! You can fit a lot of camping gear in these large crafts!
Prices: $35/day

    Deluxe: $45/day
    Basic:  $35/day
9.9 Boats and Motors
Rent a 9.9 Mercury motor with a sturdy, fourteen foot aluminum boat. Oh, the sights you'll see! Oh, the fish you'll catch! The first tank of gas is included. 
Prices: $100/day

Shuttle Service to Kingscote Lake
If  you would appreciate us delivering a canoe or canoe(s) to Kingscote Lake Access point, then give us a call. A shuttle fee of $45 for a prearranged shuttle + $10 for each additional canoe/kayak.  

Watercraft DockingDaily$25   Weekly$125

Note: Rentals come provided with paddles, safety kits, and the recommended number of life vests. If you require extra of anything, it will cost extra. 

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